• Water Bottle | Tea Time Gemstones
  • Water Bottle | Tea Time Gemstones

Water Bottle | Tea Time Gemstones

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Savor the moment in which the flavor unfolds in the water and opens your senses to the delicate fragrance that wants to be discovered by you. Green moss agate is known as the gem of mindfulness and creates valuable moments of silence and serenity. Because of its special abilities, it helps to unfold the full flavors of tea like no other gemstone we know. Furthermore, it is said to improve the sensation of taste. Moss agate arises from hot magma. Although this process has taken place millions of years ago, it has remained in the memory of the stone and explains why moss agate can help to relax and to calm down.
moss agate | rock crystal

Bottom GemPod can be removed from bottle and interchanged with other GemPods (purchased separately) and removed for cleaning purposes. Screw top cap.

16.9 oz | Lead-free glass