• Water Bottle | Fitness Gemstones
  • Water Bottle | Fitness Gemstones

Water Bottle | Fitness Gemstones


Along with exercise and a balanced diet, nothing supports an active lifestyle better than enough fresh water. Red jasper adds grounding and spiritual chakra power, while also building your energy and stamina. Magnesite helps boost you self-esteem, helping you clearly envision the future you desire. Clear quartz amplifies both of these gemstones while at the same time ridding your body of toxins. Together, the mighty three gemstones will be standing with you through any tough sweat session.

red jasper | magnesite | clear quartz

Bottom GemPod can be removed from bottle and interchanged with other GemPods (purchased separately) and removed for cleaning purposes. Screw top cap.

16.9 oz | Lead-free glass