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  • Skincare Fridge
  • Skincare Fridge
  • Skincare Fridge
Teami Blends

Skincare Fridge


Meet your new beauty BFF! This revolutionary 10L Skincare Fridge was made to keep your makeup and skincare products chilled & fresh for longer while giving your complexion a rejuvenating, cooling effect when applied! Chilling your beauty products is the best way to ensure it stays fresh for longer, so you don’t have to throw it away before you finish it completely - we’ve all been there!

  • Can extend the shelf life of all your skincare by 40%
  • Depuffs/cools exhausted & irritated skin
  • Wakes your complexion up to feel rejuvenated & revitalized
  • Perfect for serums, moisturizers, oils, toners, face masks, all makeup, jade rollers, gua shas, makeup/skincare applicators, and even nail polish!

Features | 

Two lightweight handles make it easy to travel with or put in any space

2 removable shelves to customize the inside of your fridge

A beautiful, marble glass-front to complement any room you put it in

Metallic, luxurious finish to give your skincare routine the home it deserves

Temperature | 

Makeup Fridge stays at a perfect temperature of 35ºF-45ºF! 

Dimensions | 13.4” H x 11.4” D x 9.6” W and weighs 7.9 lbs