• Scrub | Detoxifying Face Scrub
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Scrub | Detoxifying Face Scrub



Feel what a difference 84 minerals makes in our Himalayan Salt Detoxifying Clay Face Exfoliate Scrub. It is gentle enough to use daily, even on the most sensitive skin. Organic jojoba beads will gently exfoliate your pores while pristine Calcium Bentonite clay reaches deep within your face to remove toxins and help heal the blemishes that arise from air pollution, wind, and sun. You will feel and see how lovely and youthful your skin looks as the moisture-rich base hydrates and rejuvenates your face for healthy, glowing skin.

To Use | Massage in a circular motion, morning or night. Rinse with warm water or a washcloth.

Made in USA | 75% Organic | Gluten Free | SLS Free | Fragrance Free | Paraben Free | Sulfate Free | 100% Vegan | Cruelty Free.

4 oz.