• Marine Collagen Peptides Type I + III
  • Marine Collagen Peptides Type I + III
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Marine Collagen Peptides Type I + III

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Marine Collagen Peptides are naturally sourced from wild-caught red snapper to ensure a clean and high quality product. Marine Collagen Peptides provide the premium nutritional building blocks needed for youthful vitality and offers healthy aging support.

+ Collagen has a healing effect on the body inside and out. Beauty from the inside out thats what you want.
+ Helps support the natural healing of bones, joints, skin, tendons, nails and hair.
+ Very easily will mix into your favorite smoothies, beverages, coffee, tea, and can be added into your favorite cooking recipes.
Ingredients | Wild Caught Red Snapper
No Additives | No fillers | No Sugar | Non GMO | Gluten Free