• Loving Earth Dark 72% Chocolate Bar
Loving Earth

Loving Earth Dark 72% Chocolate Bar



The beans in this bar have travelled 100 miles by canoe to get to the nearest road. From the remote Rio Ene, one of the main sources of the Amazon river, they are an indigenous wild variety of criollo cacao, harvested from the Amazon jungle by the Asháninka people of the Kemito Ene cooperative.

This unroasted ceremonial grade cacao has notes of aniseed and fennel, beautifully combining with the toffee notes of coconut sugar to create a unique flavor with hints of coffee. This fragrant chocolate is our tribute to the purity of real cacao.

It simply contains just 2 ingredients: 72% Raw Ashaninka Cacao and 28% Coconut Sugar.

Organic | Cane Sugar Free | Soy Free | Dairy Free | Compostable Packaging

2.5 oz.