• Kamburupitiya Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
  • Kamburupitiya Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
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Kamburupitiya Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil


15ml Ceylon zeylanicum blume essential bark oil from Kamburupitiya, Sri Lanka ~ home of the world's best cinnamon
  • True Ceylon cinnamon bark oil is quite rare and expensive. Due to its intensity of flavor, only a little is needed to give full flavor - for example, 1 drop has the same intensity as 1-2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon! Flavor steepens over time as well

  • Bark Oil is higher quality than Leaf Oil - it is has a sweeter and more refined taste as compared to Leaf Oil which is comparably much spicier and bitter to taste

How To Use |

Try a few drops in your home diffuser for a comforting scent throughout your home

Put a few drops in a water bottle sprayer and use as air freshener as well as a chemical-free cleaner (cinnamon has anti-microbial properties)

Add 1-2 drops on pinecones for holiday decor/potpourri


  • Sweet and intense scent / spicy flavor
  • UV-protected glass container

  • Tamper evident dropper cap with 0.9 mm orifice

Attention |

Handle with care, as cinnamon bark essential oil is intense and spicy and may burn to the touch or taste spicy without dilution. Always take precaution to use gloves or wash your hands thoroughly after handling. Although safe to ingest, always consult with a physician or natural health practitioner on suggested daily limits based on your diet