• Foam Roller | Grid Vibe Vibration Roller
  • Foam Roller | Grid Vibe Vibration Roller
Trigger Point

Foam Roller | Grid Vibe Vibration Roller


The GRID VIBE vibrating foam roller relaxes tight muscles, improves flexibility, relieves pain, and elevates your recovery in a one-two punch of foam rolling and vibration.

This precision engineered vibrating roller combines foam rolling plus vibration to provide a faster, more effective recovery. Designed with TriggerPoint’s signature GRID pattern and a smaller diameter, the compact GRID VIBE targets more layers of muscle tissue while channeling blood and oxygen to repair muscles as you roll, while the vibration relaxes the muscle and minimizes pain. Calibrated with a single optimal vibration frequency, the GRID VIBE is tuned to relax muscles, reduce pain, and maximize the effectiveness of your rolling regimen toward muscle recovery and improved mobility.

+ Cordless, rechargeable battery with AC charger, holds up to 2 hours of power

Speeds up muscle recovery and improves range of motion for enhanced mobility

+ Vibration minimizes muscle pain so you can roll longer and get deeper into muscle tissue

Measurements | 3.5 x 12 inches