• Himalayan Salt | Gourmet Coarse Ground
So Well

Himalayan Salt | Gourmet Coarse Ground



Mined by hand at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains by skilled fair trade laborers right to your table, these pink Himalayan salt coarse grind crystals have not seen the light of day in 250 million years. You won’t believe the delicious flavor that comes with the 84 different minerals embedded in the crystal itself, which gives this salt a lovely pink color.

Each pure salt block is carefully selected, crushed, and washed thoroughly leaving behind unrefined, chemical-free salt crystals to apply directly to your food. So Well offers the healthiest, highest-quality salt on the planet.

How To Use | This Himalayan Coarse Grind Salt can be used for all your cooking needs and Salt inhaler refills.

8 oz. | Please store in a cool & dry place.