Karma Fashion | Why You Need A Bodysuit...Now

Imagine this: You. Your yoga mat. A clear intention. A bodysuit.  And the best yoga practice you've ever experienced.
For one, forget about having to match your leggings with your sports bra! And two, we are so in for less laundry!
Ok, but what's the big win? Without the ups and downs you may experience with a two-piece set, you have no worries when you wear a one piece bodysuit. Everything just stays put! It is both comfortable and logical.
When you don't have to worry about whether your pants are slowly sliding down or your top might fall over your face in your next effort at a handstand, you give yourself more space to be in the moment and truly experience the now.
Bodysuit, jumpsuit, catsuit, unitard, whatever you want to call it, what's stopping you from adding one to your practice?
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