Benefits Of Investing In A Yoga Towel

Benefits Of Investing In A Yoga Towel

A yoga towel is an excellent addition to your everyday yoga gear collection, regardless of if you’re a total newb when it comes to yoga or a seasoned yogi.

Can’t I just use a regular towel for my yoga towel?

A yoga towel is the same size as a standard yoga mat and are made of a soft, super-absorbent material that can work as a substitute for a yoga mat on-the-go, a covering to protect your mat, or a workout towel to keep your face/body sweat-free during your workout.

Why should I invest in a yoga towel?

While yoga mats are great, they sometimes aren’t great at ensuring you stay stable when practicing. A yoga towel can be used to prevent slippage due to a sweaty surface. Your yoga towel can be a useful tool when it comes to ensuring your hands, feet, and other body parts stay in place.

How do I use it?

To use your yoga towel correctly, just place it over your yoga mat. The towel should cover only the mat! Some people try to use a beach towel or bath sheet instead of an actual yoga towel but the problem with these options is that they aren’t specifically designed for exercise use. They’re not as absorbent - making them less effective. They also typically aren’t the correct length or width, which can cause them to be in the way and more distracting than helpful. A good yoga towel will usually have slip-resistant side that will allow your towel to stay in place.

Other uses for a yoga towel

Despite the name, you can use your yoga towel for other things. You can keep it by your side while you’re running on a treadmill to pat off excess sweat. You can take it to your workout class of choice and spread it out on the questionably sanitary floor to provide yourself with a nice clean space to stretch.

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