Do I Need A Matcha Whisk To Make Matcha?

Do I Need A Matcha Whisk To Make Matcha?

The simple answer is… It depends.

How you, personally, prepare your matcha will determine whether or not you actually need a matcha whisk. Matcha is a pretty versatile ingredient but to make the perfect cup of matcha, it is important to have the right tools on hand.

Matcha Whisk 101

Chasen is the term used to describe the original Japanese bamboo matcha whisk. These types of whisks were made using a single shoot of bamboo, which had thin strips cut out to form whisk-like prongs. The prongs helped to suspend the matcha (since it never fully dissolves) and allowed the formation of froth without clumping.

Can I use a regular whisk or spoon in place of a matcha whisk?

These tools aren’t effective for whisking matcha since matcha is ground so fine. The grinds have to be separated and suspended quickly to avoid clumps, which is difficult to do with a traditional wire whisk and nearly impossible with a spoon.

Matcha grade matters

Or rather… It’s important to invest in a quality matcha in order to create a perfect cup of matcha. Our matcha is cultivated from top quality green tea leaves on an organic tea farm in Japan. It’s shade grown for 4 weeks before harvest to ensure a richer chlorophyll and L-theanine content. The leaves are then stone-ground by hand into a fine, rich powder. Fine powdered matcha like ours do require a matcha whisk.

Are you using matcha as an ingredient?

If you’re planning on using matcha as an ingredient, you most likely won’t need a matcha whisk. Just add your matcha powder to whatever food (like a smoothie or yogurt) and mix away using your utensil of choice!

What if I don’t want to invest in a traditional bamboo whisk (because I’m not sure I can properly take care of it)?

If you’re using a quality matcha, you can get away with using a battery-operated matcha whisk or milk frother (the kind used for making cappuccinos at home). If you choose to do this, it’s best to make matcha lattes - using milk, your matcha powder of choice, and an optional sweetener. Blend the mix until frothy and then either heat up over the stove or pour over ice.

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