Why You Need A Manduka Yoga Mat

Why You Need A Manduka Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is just a yoga mat, right? Wrong. Here at Karma Kollective, we believe that when you have the proper tools, you become empowered and limitless in your endeavors. The same principle applies to yoga and what tools you have in your yoga arsenal.

We’ve tried out tons of different yoga mats - practicing, traveling, hard standing, and meditating on a plethora of various brands, thicknesses, surfaces, and locations. We wanted only the best for our store, so when we came across the Manduka yoga mat, our yoga experts knew they had found the yoga mats we were looking for.

The Manduka yoga mat is the Rolls Royce of yoga mats. While the price tag is a big high-end compared to other mats, the manduka yoga mat is favored by a majority of yoga teachers and instructors, has a lifetime warranty, and its deep cushion and non-slip bottom make it a worthy investment.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the 3 different manduka yoga mat options we carry

Manduka eKo lite

The number one travel mat due to its compact size, functionality, and intelligent design. The Manduka eKolite mat easily folds up to fit in a carry-on bag or strap on a backpack. It’s light enough to not weigh you down or take up too much room. Yet it still has the grip-ability that makes you feel at home wherever you decide to go.

Pros: lightweight, easy to fold up and go for traveling, environmentally friendly
Cons: if you’re using this as an everyday mat, you might want to consider something thicker (see options below)

Manduka Black Mat PRO

The lux car of yoga mats. This Manduka yoga mat doesn’t shift, move, or crinkle. It also provides enough cushion to your knees to keep them comfortable. This is the favorite mat of many yoga teachers because it doesn’t budge - great for when you need to hop into a handstand!

Designed to tackle hours upon hours of yoga practice and backed up with a lifetime warranty, this yoga mat will stay with you for life.

If you’re looking to travel with the Black Mat Pro Manduka yoga mat, we suggest you grab a strap to make it easier to tote around.

Pros: Durability, serious grip-ability, lifetime guarantee
Cons: A little heavier so not as easy to travel with

Manduka PROlite Mat

The perfect mid-range option, the PROlite Manduka yoga mat offers the padding and functionality you want without the weight.

This is essentially the little bro to the Manduka PROlite. It’s a great mat for a beginner-intermediate yoga enthusiast.

Pros: Great performance, lightweight, lifetime guarantee
Cons: Can be a little slippery at first

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