Is Collagen Actually Beneficial?

Is Collagen Actually Beneficial?

Products come and go in and out of the beauty world all too often so sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what products are hot or not. The one that’s been the buzz of beauty gurus lately? Collagen. 

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein found within our bodies that bonds cells and tissues together and helps them maintain their shape and strength. Collagen is often talked about in terms of hair, skin, and nails but is also a necessary component for healthy muscles, joints, and bones.

Here are a few things collagen does for your body:

  • Anti-aging
  • Improves fine lines and skin elasticity
  • Repairs sun damaged skin
  • Increase hydration and reduces inflammation of your skin
  • Improves the health and appearance of your hair
  • Strengthens hair follicles and nails

Why is collagen linked to aging?

Collagen production slows down as we age. Your body starts making less of it starting in your mid-20’s, which is why so many young women start searching for anti-aging products to fight against fine lines and wrinkles.

While topical products (those you apply to your skin) only add 20% more collagen, you can increase the amount of collagen in your body by changing up your diet.

Collagen boosting foods:

  • Fish
  • Red vegetables (like peppers, tomatoes, and beets)
  • Dark green vegetables (spinach and kale)
  • Orange vegetables (carrots and sweet potatoes)
  • Supplements
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