What Makes Adaptogenic Coconut Butter The Next Big Superfood?

What Makes Adaptogenic Coconut Butter The Next Big Superfood

Like many other millennials, you may have already heard of Pearl Butter, a line of adaptogenic coconut butter that look almost too pretty to eat. The brand was created by Kati Holland during her quest to find relief from a severe lymphatic reaction to a pharmaceutical drug.

Kati turned to nontraditional medicine to find wellness from within and discovered instant and life-altering results from adaptogenic coconut butter. “After having healed myself with the help of professionals through Eastern medicine, I knew I wanted to create something in the wellness space that incorporated Eastern modalities like adaptogens but wasn’t so serious or stuffy,” she said. And, thus, the famous adaptogenic coconut butter brand of Pearl Butter was born.

Pearl Butter is currently available in five delicious flavors: Secret Ingredient, Beauty Butter (contains activated pearl and shave grass for skin), Glow-Getter (tumeric and shwagandha for focus), Smarty Pantsuit (ginkgo and protein blend for brain power) and Dirty Detox (activated charcoal and milk thistle for cleansing). While it's easy to write off these pastel superfood spreads as "unicorn food" that'll be good to Instagram, each of these adaptogenic coconut butter spreads has a unique set of ingredients for a particular purpose with specific benefits in mind.

Pearl Butter's purpose is to help people look and feel better from the inside out. Are you ready to be a better, healthier version of yourself? Ditch the avocado toast and upgrade your life with adaptogenic coconut butter.

What Are Adaptogens?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what adaptogens are (and what they aren't). Nothing in life is a cure-all. Adatogens are cumulative, meaning their efficiency and health properties increase the more you use them. They do work, though. They have for centuries. And studies are beginning to show real results - like the fact that ashwagandha can actually reduce anxiety!


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